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Inversores Interconectados GoodWe Serie MT (Centrales)

GoodWe Central series inverter is used in small/middle size commercial solar power plants, industrial rooftop distributed solar power plants and large-scale ground grid tied solar power plants, especially suitable for Chinese Golden Sun projects. This kind of inverters adopts industrial design philosophy as well as proven inverter control technology, to ensure a long service life - 25 years. Its advanced LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through) technology and unique intelligent backflow protection technique are able to make output power line control; the very low harmonic output and very high transfer efficiency provide a strong support for green and efficient power plants operation, which can be widely used in AC networks with different structures. And the SVG (Static Var Generator) technology saves reactive power invests of photovoltaic power station. Additionally, the strict quality-monitoring system and production process control system of GoodWe provide a firm protection for the quality of inverters.

Modelo: 100k-MT
  • Potencia nominal de salida 100Kw
  • Max PV-generation power 110kWp
  • Max DC current 250A
  • Max input numbers: 3
  • Eficiencia máxima 97.1%
  • Eficiencia Europea 96.4%
  • Dimensiones 1010 x 2005 x 800
  • Peso neto 970kg

.: Ficha técnica: Inversores Centrales MT
Modelo: 250k-MT
  • Potencia nominal de salida 250Kw
  • Max PV-generation power 275kWp
  • Max DC current 600A
  • Max input numbers: 5
  • Eficiencia máxima 97.3%
  • Eficiencia Europea 96.5%
  • Dimensiones 2010 x 2100 x 800
  • Peso neto 2100kg

.: Ficha técnica: Inversores Centrales MT
Modelo: 500k-MT
  • Potencia nominal de salida 500Kw
  • Max PV-generation power 550kWp
  • Max DC current 1200A
  • Max input numbers: 10
  • Eficiencia máxima 97.5%
  • Eficiencia Europea 97.8%
  • Dimensiones 2010 x 2100 x 800 + 1310 x 2100 x 1000
  • Peso neto 3000kg

.: Ficha técnica: Inversores Centrales MT

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